DC Chanukah Happenings 5775!

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The winter season is upon us- the weather is occasionally colder and icier, and people begin to count the days until they get a little time off from work or school. Why not warm yourself by the kindling Chanukah lights? Local Jewish groups are getting ready to roll out the red carpet for this well-known religious holiday, which will take place this year from sundown Dec. 16 to sundown Dec. 24.
Check these out!

DCJCC Chanukah Party
Drop by the DCJCC for family fun, including a moon bounce, games, crafts and more!
Sunday, December 14, 10 am, $10-$15

Chanukah at the Ellipse
American Friends of Lubavitch starts off the holiday season with this annual ceremony on the White House lawn
Tuesday, December 16, 4 pm, tickets required

Hanukkah Happy Hour on the Hill
Annual young adult shindig sponsored by several Jewish organizations, this year at both Capitol Lounge, and Hawk and Dove. Collection boxes at both sites for donations to local charity.
Tuesday, December 16, 6 pm, free

Festival of the Daughters
Sixth & I brings Rabbi Sarah Tasman to Not Your Bubbe’s Sisterhood to talk about the Book of Judith and the North African tradition, Chag HaBanot, for honoring her, and Jewish women everywhere.
Wednesday, December 17, 7 pm, $10-$12

Chanu-Comedy: A Festival of Laughs
Stop by Sixth & I for an amusing show featuring Rachel Bloom and Danny Jolles.
Saturday, December 20, 8 pm, $20-$23

DC Chanukah Happenings 5772!

Graphic courtesy of Kaboose, Inc.

Graphic courtesy of Kaboose, Inc.

The winter season is upon us- the weather turns cold and icy and people begin to count the days until they get a little time off from work or school. Why not warm yourself by the kindling Chanukah lights? Local Jewish groups are getting ready to roll out the red carpet for this well-known religious holiday, which will take place this year from sundown Dec. 20 to sundown Dec. 27.
Check these out!

Chanukah at the Ellipse
American Friends of Lubavitch starts off the holiday season with this annual ceremony on the White House lawn
Tuesday, December 20, 4 pm, tickets required

8 Nights of Chanukah
Drop by the DCJCC every night to light the menorah and see what else is in store!
Tuesday, December 20-Tuesday, December 27, 5:30 pm

National Museum of American Jewish Military History Chanukah Celebration
Focusing on the Maccabees and their military victory, plus food!
Tuesday, December 20, 6:30-8 pm

Hanukkah Happy Hour on the Hill
Annual young adult shindig sponsored by several Jewish organizations, held at The Pour House
Tuesday, December 20, 6:30-9:30 pm, $5

Gala Chanukah Mesiba
Greater Washington Community Kollel features a parenting speech and magic show!
Tuesday, December 20, 7:15-9 pm

Synagogue Chanukah Celebrations for Wednesday, December 21:
Ohr Kodesh
5-8 pm
Tifereth Israel
6-8 pm

Synagogue Chanukah Celebrations for Thursday, December 22:
Olam Tikvah
9:30-11 am
B’nai Tzedek
4:30-6 pm

Latkes and Learning
Sixth & I hosts religious study over Chanukah foods for young professionals
Thursday, December 22, 7 pm, $8

Synagogue Chanukah Celebrations for Friday, December 23:
B’nai Tzedek
6:30-8 pm
Temple Emanuel
6:30-9 pm

Good for the Jews: Putting the Ha! In Hanukkah
Uproarious Jewish duo is at it again, poking fun at and celebrating Judaism in this comedy/musical sketch
Saturday, December 24, 8-10 pm, $10-$24

Synagogue Chanukah Celebrations for Sunday, December 25:

Jewish Community of Northern Virginia

11 am-3 pm
B’nai Tzedek
3-7 pm
Ohr Kodesh
7-9 pm

Festival of Lights, Latkes and Family Fun!
The annual AishDC party includes events catered towards kids and teens.
Sunday, December 25, 4-6 pm, Free for members, $10 for non-members, $36 max per family

Kesher Kids Chanukah Mitzvah Party
Children’s mitzvah project followed by pizza, latkes and sufganiyot!
Sunday, December 25, 5-6:30 pm

Upcoming Events: October 10-16

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Monday, October 10

ACE Series

Gesher Jewish Day School open house

Learn the Game of Mah Jongg Fall 2011

We the People—Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 11

‘Rotunda 11’ faith leaders prayer service

Adult B’nai Mitzvah Course

Concert: Deva Premal and Miten

Jewish Chaplains’ Memorial

Spotlight on Design: Moshe Safdie

JCCGW Six o’clock Scramble

Ohr Kodesh: Israeli Dance for Beginners

Sukkah Decorating Party

Wednesday, October 12

Justice for Janitors Rally March

Handmade for the Homeless

Thursday, October 13

B’nai Tzedek: Young Family Sukkot Services

Beth Ami: Sushi Making and Sangria Sipping in the Sukkah

Friday, October 14

Sixth in the City Shabbat

Temple Emanuel: Sukkot under the Stars

Saturday, October 15

Sukkah Hop

Sunday, October 16

Sizzling Sukkot

Beth Ami: Book Sale

JCCNV: Fall Into Fitness Run/Walk

Hebrew Home of GW: The Home Run, 10k, 5k and fun run

Tikvat Israel: Environmental Lecture/Study

JCCNV: Sukkot Celebration in the Pumpkin Patch

Machar: Helping Marginalized People Fight Resource Corruption

Am Kolel: Sukkot Celebration

B’nai Israel: Sukkot Happy Hour

“Parade” Play and Discussion

Talking with Tots

Upcoming Events: August 22-28

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Wednesday, August 24

Har Shalom: Family Fun Night

Machaya Klezmer Band in Concert

ReelIsraelDC: Screening of “The Debt”

Jubilee Jobs

Thursday, August 25

Respect DC Coalition

B’nai Israel: Prospective Member Summer Street Fair Open House

Friday, August 26

Downtown Shabbat with Larry Paul and Robyn Helzner

Am-Kolel: Yuval Ron—The Mystical Music of Israel

Sunday, August 28

B’nai Tzedek: Family Fun Day

JCCGW: Jewish Book Club Monthly Discussion

EntryPointDC Newcomer Brunch

6th Annual GLOE Pool Party

Common Good City Farm August 2011

Beer, Bands and BBQ 2011

Jewnity DC Brings Vibrancy to the Summer

Graphic courtesy of funny-clip-art-cool-drawings.com

Summers in DC can be pretty slow for the Jewish community. Increased vacation time and a lack of major religious holidays thin out the crowds and the community offerings. So what intrigued me most about Jewnity DC 2011, tomorrow night’s big bash sponsored by 18 local organizations, is that it reminded me of the annual Hanukkah Happy Hour on the Hill,another party scene offered annually during one of the most popular times of the Jewish year.

Jewnity DC might come without the dreidels and latkes, but it’s still about showcasing the local Jewish community. Held tomorrow at 5 pm at Public Bar, it is an alcohol-serving, over-21 event. It also features local artists and socialization, the usual hallmarks of the vibrant, young professional scene.

So if you’re still in town and want to escape the heat, this may be something to check out! Find out more on Facebook, including mini bios of the sponsors.

Upcoming Events: July 25-31

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Monday, July 25

DC Metro Forum Planning Meeting

Tuesday, July 26

Library of Congress: Sephardic-Ladino-Judeo-Spanish-Song: Myths and (Relative) Realities

Ohr Kodesh: Israeli Dancing for Kids

GLOE: Night OUT at the Mystics

Wednesday, July 27

Sixth & I Running Club

This is NPR…An Evening with Planet Money

Har Shalom Family Fun Night

JewishROC: Jeremiah the Prophet

Gesher Jewish Day School Parlor Meeting

ReelIsraelDC: Screening of “The Little Traitor”

Thursday, July 28

Jubilee Jobs

Friday, July 29

Club Getaway Young Pros Weekend Vacation

Social Justice Shabbat

Saturday, July 30

Jewish Thirties and Forties Singles Seated Speed Dating

Sunday, July 31

Jewnity DC

Training for Understanding and Combating Racism

Common Good City Farm

Upcoming Events: July 11-17

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Monday, July 11

Panel on Transit-Oriented Development

Tuesday, July 12

Caring Across Generations Campaign Launch

Washington Peace Center Activist Awardees Reunion Party

DC Central Kitchen Food Recovery

Hebrew Class: Beginner to Advanced; July 2011

Wednesday, July 13

DC for Democracy Meet Up

The Art of Social Media

JewishROC: Idol Worship—Historically and Today

Beth El: Preventing the Declaration of a Palestinian State at the United Nations

Little Flippers I and II July 2011

Jubilee Jobs

Thursday, July 14

Hebrew Literacy: Aleph, Bet, and Beyond

Friday, July 15

Club Getaway J-Weekend Vacation

Breger-Marks Foundation Announces Edna Award

6th Street Minyan

WHC 2339 Movie Under the Stars in Rosslyn

Upcoming Events: June 13-19

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Ongoing Until June 16

Washington, DC Jewish Community Center Jewish Music Festival

Monday, June 13

Interfaith Meditation

Agnes Obel Concert

JCCGW Golf and Tennis Tournament

AishDC Women’s Supper under the Stars

Yeshiva of Greater Washington Boys School Graduation

Community Service Camp: Early Session

Vinyasa Yoga Summer 2011

Tuesday, June 14

DC Statehood Rally

JCRC Annual Meeting

American Friends of Lubavitch Benefit

Authors Out Loud: Liliane Willens

Interfaith Couples Workshop June 2011

Wednesday, June 15

Putting Race on the Table

AIPAC’s Washington Club Briefing Series

Gesher Jewish Day School Graduation Ceremony

JSC: Jews of Nashville

Interfaith Couples: Building Community, Creating Conversation

Introduction to Judaism Summer 2011

Thursday, June 16

Jewish Cooking 101: Farmers’ Market Meals

Sixth & I/BBI Trivia Under the Stars

Chabad Gala Dinner and Auction

Hunger Action at 16 and J

WHC 2339 Nats vs Cardinals Game

Friday, June 17-Sunday, June 19

Am Kolel Mussar Weekend with Rabbi Ira Stone

Friday, June 17

Mussar & Spiritual Activism Shabbaton

Saturday, June 18

Troop Beverly Hills: The Experience

Sunday, June 19

Ohev Sholom Gala

Looking for a Seder to attend on the First or Second Nights?

Chag Sameach! In lieu of my regular postings, I’m offering something a little different this Passover week. I’ve been playing around with Adobe InDesign lately, so I figured why not make a flyer for JewishDC? Obviously, there’s a lot of stuff going on in the local community this week. 😛

Taken and updated from my earlier post, here is a list of upcoming seders for nights one and two! Click on the image to go to a high-res PDF. Enjoy your cupcakes and pizzas tonight! 😛

Passover in the District 5771

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

We’re just a couple weeks away from Passover, one of Judaism’s most important holidays, which tells of our exodus from slavery in Egypt to freedom as a united people living under Jewish law.

A week in duration, the highlights are largely family affairs, a seder celebrated at home.

But is that an excuse for “Jewish DC” to shut down for awhile? No way! Enjoy this cropping of public Passover outings. And chag sameach (happy holidays!)

JSSA Passover Basket Pickup and Delivery
Sunday, April 10, 9 am

Adat Reyim Passover Madness!
Sunday, April 10, 9 am

Third Annual Afikomen Scavenger Hunt
Sunday, April 10, 12:30 pm

How to Cook a Passover Seder with a Spanish Twist
Sunday, April 10, 1 pm

GLOE National Rainbow Seder
Sunday, April 10, 5 pm

Labor Seder 2011
Sunday, April 10, 5:30 pm

Sixth & I Jewish Cooking 101: Passover Pastries
Tuesday, April 12, 6:30 pm

JCC of NoVa: Passover Seder for Active Retirees and Friends
Thursday, April 14, 11 am

Beth Chaverim Chocolate Passover Seder
Friday, April 15, 7 pm

Machar Passover Community Seder
Saturday, April 16, 4:30 pm

Jewish Socials First Night Passover Seder
Monday, April 18, 7 pm

Sixth & I Learner’s Seder
Monday, April 18, 7 pm

Sixth & I First Night Seder
Monday, April 18, 7:15 pm

Sixth & I Additional Seder
Monday, April 18, 7:15 pm

DCJCC Second Night Seder
Tuesday, April 19, 6 pm

Washington Hebrew Congregation Second Night Seder
Tuesday, April 19, 6 pm

2339 Second Night Seder
Tuesday, April 19, 6 pm

Adat Reyim Second Night Seder
Tuesday, April 19, 6:30 pm

Temple Emanuel Second Night Passover Seder
Tuesday, April 19, 6:30 pm

Kehilat Shalom Second Night Passover Seder
Tuesday, April 19, 7 pm

Entrypoint DC Satellite Seder and Seder-in-a-Box Second Night Seders
Tuesday, April 19, 7 pm

Adas Israel Second Night Seder
Tuesday, April 19, 7 pm

WHC Passover Freedom Seder
Wednesday, April 27, 6 pm