Passover in the District 5772

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Passover starts tomorrow night, one of Judaism’s most important holidays, which tells of our exodus from slavery in Egypt to freedom as a united people living under Jewish law.

A week in duration, the highlights are largely family affairs, a seder celebrated at home.

But is that an excuse for “Jewish DC” to shut down for awhile? No way! Enjoy this cropping of public Passover outings. And chag sameach (happy holidays!)

First Two Nights
Join up with a DCJCC Satellite Seder!

Friday, April 6

WHC Seder
6 pm

Zra’eem, Seeds, Service in Germantown
7 pm

Am Kolel Pesach Seder and Open Shabbes
7 pm

Jewish Socials Seder
7 pm

Sixth & I Community Seder
7 pm

Sixth & I Learner’s Seder
7 pm

YP@AI Seder
7 pm

Saturday, April 7

Temple Emanuel Seder
6:30 pm

6:30 pm

Adat Reyim Seder
6:30 pm

Beth El Seder
7 pm

Sunday, April 8

Machar Potluck Seder
4:30 pm

Beth Ami Potluck Seder
7 pm

Tuesday, April 10

Jews and Muslims DC-Sponsored Seder
6 pm

Wednesday, April 11

WHC Freedom Seder
6:30 pm

Upcoming Events: November 7-13

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Through Sunday, November 13
JCC of GW Annual Book Festival

Monday, November 7

MTA Open House on Proposed Purple Line Project

Justice John Paul Stevens Reading

Har Shalom: Harvest of Books Fall Sale

WJFF Year Round: 77 Steps

Tuesday, November 8

An Overview of Jewish Liturgical Music

Jewish Twenties and Thirties Single Seated Speed Dating

Autumn Brews: A Seasonal Tasting with the Beer Activist

Israel Night: Evening Exchange with the Experts

B’nai Tzedek: The Grandparents’ Circle

B’nai Tzedek: American Jewish Experience

MCCA Benefit 2011

Wednesday, November 9

(Un)secure Communities Forum

Umberto Eco reading

Interfaith Couples

Gesher Day School Admissions Open House

Fairfax Kollel’s Fall Session

JSC: Jewish Cultures Around the Globe: Jews of France

Thursday, November 10

Looking into Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

MTA Open House on Proposed Purple Line Project

Beth El Visits the National Museum of American Jewish History

JCCNV: Afternoon Lunch and Talk with Stephen Fried

JCCNV: Book Club and Lovers’ Night with Sonia Taitz

Special Briefing from The Agudah: Israel’s National LGBT Task Force

Discussion of Tent Protests in Israel

Friday, November 11

6th in the City Global Hunger Shabbat

Temple Emanuel: Tot Shabbat Service and Dinner

Tifereth Israel: Carlebach Friday Evening Service and Dinner

Theater J: Tea for Two—BEST FRIENDS

We the People—Veterans Day

Saturday, November 12

JCCNV Fall Fundraising Gala: A Night of the Arts

HURT Acoustic Performance

Bikur Cholim Volunteer Appreciation Annual Dinner

Beth El: Club 60 Gala

Tifereth Israel: Israel, Egypt and the new Middle East view

Sunday, November 13

Not By Power Home Energy Workshop

Challah Back Volunteer Training

JSSA Hospice and Transitions Volunteer Training

Temple Emanuel Brunch and Movie: Into the Arms of Strangers

Tifereth Israel: Building Community One Family at a Time

WHC: Boys of Steel: Creators of Superman

UMD: Conference on Moses Mendelssohn, Jewish Enlightenment and Eastern Religion

Politics and Prose: Gershom Gorenberg: The Unmaking of Israel

JewishROC: Classic Kabbalah 101

Tifereth Israel: Finding Gd on the Bus

JSC: Make Your Own Kosher Sushi

Authors Out Loud: Joshua Levitt

Emery Shelter Visit: November 2011

Upcoming Events: October 24-30

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

October 23-November 2: The DCJCC Jewish Literary Festival

Monday, October 24

2nd Virginia Immigrants Advocates Summit 2011

Sixth & I Running Club

Jewish Chaplain’s Memorial Dedication

Library of Congress: Synagogues in Hungary

JCCGW Screening of Israeli Film “77 Steps”

Beth El: Musical Journey Info Session

Tuesday, October 25

Ani DiFranco Concert

Potomac Community Center: Preschool Fair

Library of Congress: Jerusalem’s Future

Jewish Foundation for Group Homes 28th Annual Gala

B’nai Tzedek: The Grandparent’s Circle

JSC: Write Your Own Jewish Prayer

What do we Do After Preschool

Wednesday, October 26

Responsa of the Holocaust

Jewish Thirties and Forties Single Speed Dating

Loundon Candidate’s Forum

B’nai Tzedek: Building Literacy Workshop

J-Fed Lunch and Learn: PACT Afulfa

UMD: Reporting and Misreporting the Arab/Israeli Conflict

J-Fed: Friends with Benefits: A Deeper Approach to Charitable Giving

Temple Emanuel: Israeli Movie Night: Divine Intervention

J-Fed: Securing Our Jewish Future Locally and in Israel

ReelIsraelDC: “Strangers” screening

JCC of GW: The Levant comes of Age

JSC: Basic Judaism

Jewish Cultures Around the Globe: Jews in Cuba

The Siddur: Translation as Commentary

Three Classic Midrashim: Talmudic Literature and Existentialism

Taste of Sage-ing Circle

Jubilee Jobs

Off the Wall” Alina and Jeff Bliumis

Introduction to Judaism October 2011

Theater J After the Fall

Thursday, October 27

Between History and Memory: Rethinking the American Jewish Past

Kesher Israel: Book Event with Senator Lieberman

Justice by Stephen Bryer reading

Educators Symposium

GWU: Military Correspondent Yaakov Katz

AJC Learned Hand Award Dinner

B’nai Tzedek: David Ifshin Memorial Award Honoring Wolf Blitzer

Preschool Karate Fall 2011

Blood Drive October 2011

Bone Marrow Drive October 2011

Friday, October 28

Downtown Shabbat with Larry Paul and Robyn Helzner

Politics and Prose: Gilad Sharon: Sharon

Temple Beth Ami: Musical Inclusion Shabbat

Shabbat “Sleep” Walk at the J

Saturday, October 29

Chamberlin with special guest Wildlife

Temple Emanuel: Saturday Morning Minyan and Torah Study

JCCNV Singles Event

Sunday, October 30

Ingrid Fliter, Pianist

Not By Power! Home Energy Workship; Tifereth Israel

JCCNV: Create for a Cure and Rosh Chodesh

Machar: Peace for Israel and Palestine

JCCNV: The Ruth Spector Memorial Mah Jongg Competition

Olam Tikvah: Encountering Gd—from Sinai to Today

Politics and Prose: Amos Oz: Scenes from a Village Life

Beth Ami: Sephardi Songs of Imagined Migrations: The Ladino Project

Strathmore: Gil Shaham, piano

B’nai Israel: A Lifetime of working with Russian Jews

Ohr Kodesh: Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer Lecture

Walking Tour: Jewish Washington

Prostate Cancer: What’s Your Story?

Yachad Community Builders Bash

Upcoming Events: September 26-October 2

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Monday, September 26

NoVAComm Fall 2011 Meeting

Tuesday, September 27

Say NO to Coerced S-Comm Implementation in Washington, DC

What are we doing about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in DC?

Laura Marling with Alessi’s Ark

American Friends of Luvavich Annual Benefit

Israeli Film “Seven Minutes in Heaven”

Wednesday, September 28-Thursday, September 29: Rosh Hashanah

Check out High Holiday Services in the DC area:

Friday, September 30

Club Getaway Weekend Vacation: Fall Finale

Friday Night Shabbat Services with MesorahDC

Saturday, October 1

Saturday Morning Shabbat Services with MesorahDC

B’nai Tzedek: Shabbat Yeladim

Sunday, October 2

Michael Moore Reading

Garden of Remembrance: High Holy Days Annual Memorial Service

J-Fed Mitzvah Hoppin’

Hunger Action at DC Central Kitchen

Parenting Center Workshop: Infant and Child PR

GLOE Youth and Family: Tashlich Gathering in Rock Creek Park

Upcoming Events: September 12-18

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Monday, September 12

Film Screening: Through the Eye of the Needle

Triumphs and Failures of Israeli Counterterrorism–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

LGBT Jewish Youth Support Group–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

2011 Co-Ed Bowling

Used Book Sale Fall 2011

Jews in Britain: Act British, Think Yiddish

Tuesday, September 13

In Search of Jewish Spirituality

Om Shalom Yoga

HIAS: Strangers No More

Middle East Forum DC

Har Shalom: Ivrit La’Mishpacha–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Play: An Israeli Love Story–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Wednesday, September 14

American Jewish World Service Happy Hour

Not the Matriarchs: Lesser Known Women of the Hebrew Bible

Café Europa Program for Holocaust Survivors

Reading: Blake Mycoskie

The BIG Sorry

B’nai Tzedek: High Holidays and your Children–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

JNF Young Professionals: Going Green in the Negev–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Sephardi Rosh Hashanah Seder–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Adas Israel: Kay Memoriah Lecture: Religion and Politics–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Jewish Theological Seminary: Religion and Politics in the United States Today–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

JProDC Meet the Press

Little Flippers I and II

DCJCC New Year Open House

Jubilee Jobs

Fall 2011 Co-Ed Vollyeball

If You Have the Apples, We Have the Honey

Thursday, September 15

DC Employment Justice Center Labor Day Breakfast

Consumerism and the 10th Commandment

Sixth & I/BBI Trivia Night

JCRC’s Day on Capitol Hill

JINSA: The West’s Secret Pact to get Mideast Oil–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Hunger Action at 16 and J

Friday, September 16

Friday Night Services with MesorahDC

6th Street Minyan

Saturday, September 17

Saturday Morning Services with MesorahDC

B’nai Tzedek: Shabbat Yeladim–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

JCCNV Trivia Night–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Sunday, September 18

Health and Wellness Expo

Jewish Twenties and Thirties Singles Speed Dating

Hebrew in a Flash

B’nai Tzedek Family Fun Day–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Ohev Shalom Jewish Festival–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Beth Sholom: “Yearning for Learning” with Aviva Tessler–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Upcoming Events: August 29-September 4

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Monday, August 29

Help Launch New Salad Bars at High School

Chocolate City Screening

JCRC Noontime Series with DC Council Member Tommy Ward

Israel Bonds Women’s Division–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Tuesday, August 30

DC Women’s Agenda August Lunch and Learn

Yachad Home Inspections

Wednesday, August 31

“Imagining Madoff” premiers at Theater J

Thursday, September 1

Hunger Action at 16 & J

Friday, September 2

Club Getaway Labor Day Weekend Vacation

Tikkun Leil Shabbat

Labor Day Shabbat

Temple Shalom Family Shabbat–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Saturday, September 3

Labor on the Bimah Havdalah and Dessert Reception

Sunday, September 4

Embassy of Israel: Expressions of Fine Art Exhibit–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

JCCGW: Expressions Fine Art exhibition and sale–vNN2Bq-pPqPcaU6NaCU4EhILFMSGaZL_5tt9HhlL_sTW9tNuOm5WqXAP06pVxMI5H5laxitUPRbEbEXIWhaEBXBFQPo6J5WclqXxNad1USZYVijNcLsk_IRJTodsaPoGob7pPf9dtgMvYs4jV74cx5FaP4iQxOekMmmpoJo8StuEAF4kQLWtdOy-_mzn1GNPNLKMvo80IQqcuECisR5cLHvNWKiHHHDDoEHHKA%3d%3d

Hunger Action at DC Central Kitchen

Sunday, September 4-Monday September 5

“Revelation” in Modern Jewish Thought

Upcoming Events: August 16-21

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Tuesday, August 16

“Transcending Stereotypes” with Midge Potts

Wednesday, August 17

JCCNV: Camp Omanoot Theater Performance: The Seussical Jr

Har Shalom: PJ Story Time

Thursday, August 18

Verizon Wireless Store Picketing

Trivia Night and Fourth Annual Pickle Eating Contest

Hunger Action at 16 and J

Learn the Game of Mah Jongg August 2011

Friday, August 19

6th Street Minyan

Congregation Beth Emeth Summer Shabbat BBQ

B’nai Shalom: Tot Shabbat for Perspective Members

Saturday, August 20

DC Havdalah Rock

Friday, August 19-Sunday, August 21

Jewish Singles Weekend at Club Getaway

Sunday, August 21

Beth El: Prospective Members Brunch

Emery Shelter Visit August 2011

Upcoming Events: July 25-31

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Monday, July 25

DC Metro Forum Planning Meeting

Tuesday, July 26

Library of Congress: Sephardic-Ladino-Judeo-Spanish-Song: Myths and (Relative) Realities

Ohr Kodesh: Israeli Dancing for Kids

GLOE: Night OUT at the Mystics

Wednesday, July 27

Sixth & I Running Club

This is NPR…An Evening with Planet Money

Har Shalom Family Fun Night

JewishROC: Jeremiah the Prophet

Gesher Jewish Day School Parlor Meeting

ReelIsraelDC: Screening of “The Little Traitor”

Thursday, July 28

Jubilee Jobs

Friday, July 29

Club Getaway Young Pros Weekend Vacation

Social Justice Shabbat

Saturday, July 30

Jewish Thirties and Forties Singles Seated Speed Dating

Sunday, July 31

Jewnity DC

Training for Understanding and Combating Racism

Common Good City Farm

Upcoming Events: July 11-17

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Monday, July 11

Panel on Transit-Oriented Development

Tuesday, July 12

Caring Across Generations Campaign Launch

Washington Peace Center Activist Awardees Reunion Party

DC Central Kitchen Food Recovery

Hebrew Class: Beginner to Advanced; July 2011

Wednesday, July 13

DC for Democracy Meet Up

The Art of Social Media

JewishROC: Idol Worship—Historically and Today

Beth El: Preventing the Declaration of a Palestinian State at the United Nations

Little Flippers I and II July 2011

Jubilee Jobs

Thursday, July 14

Hebrew Literacy: Aleph, Bet, and Beyond

Friday, July 15

Club Getaway J-Weekend Vacation

Breger-Marks Foundation Announces Edna Award

6th Street Minyan

WHC 2339 Movie Under the Stars in Rosslyn

Upcoming Events: June 27-July 3

Shavua Tov! Below, I’ve compiled a list of Jewish events I’ve found to be going on next week. Please feel free to comment with any others, and I will add them. See you around town!

Monday, June 27

Open to Interpretation: Defining Modern Orthodoxy

Living Wages, Healthy Communities Campaign Meeting

Ohr Kodesh: The Arab Spring Town Hall Forum

JProDC: June 2011 Colleague Connections

Tuesday, June 28

Interfaith Climate Change Discussion Circle

Israeli Culture Through Hebrew Conversation

Wednesday, June 29

Social Media=Social Change

Sixth & I Running Club

Strathmore: Rafi Malkiel in Concert

JSC: Islam and Politics in Arab Countries

Handmade for the Homeless June 2011

Thursday, June 30

Theatre J New Subscriber Insider Deal

Friday, June 1

Club Getaway Fourth of July Vacation

Tikkun Leil Shabbat

Sixth Street Minyan