About the Blogger

Hi! I am a contract inventory specialist at the Library of Congress who loves the Internet, Washington, DC, and Judaism. Since arriving in this area in 2006 for grad school, I have taken an active role in connecting with the Washington, DC Jewish community, and the rich programming put out by various organizations. This blog is my commemoration to the tireless, Jewish communal workers who make such great events possible.

I update JewishDC with my exploits into the local educational, religious and social Jewish world. I also import feeds from our fabulous communal organizations so you can stay abreast of their current events.

I am also a freelance editor and writer, and my articles have appeared in such publications as the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, B’nai B’rith Magazine, and InterfaithFamily.com. I’ve copy edited some issues of locally published Moment Magazine, and interned at the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

For more information, please visit rachelmauro.net or contact me at rmauro2 dot gmail dot com. Looking forward to hearing from you, and please enjoy JewishDC!

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed herein are solely the musings of the author. Unless otherwise stated, I have no official ties to organizations mentioned in these blog posts.

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