Dinner in the Sukkah at Adas Israel

Ruach Minyan hosts a Shabbat Sukkot dinner at the Adas Israel sukkah / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

Chag sameach Sukkot and Shabbat Shalom! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.

It was a full Sukkah Friday night at Adas Israel when I arrived for davening and dinner. Clergy members Rabbi Steinlauf and Cantor Brown led us in a quick Kiddush before the Ruach Minyan took over. We did Kabbalat Shabbat, ate dinner and talked about the holiday prayers.

Participants had a choice between a vegetarian and non meal, and I enjoyed a tender chicken and flavorful rice and kugel. (Let’s not forget the brownie for dessert!) The sukkah, large enough to host a dozen tables, was built by Adas Israel’s Men’s Club and decorated by the Sisterhood and schoolchildren. For someone who lives in an apartment, and therefore doesn’t have her own sukkah, this was truly a cozy community experience! (Though I wish someone had told the flies that the fruit dangling from the thatched roof wasn’t real! :P)

For more Sukkot-related events, check out the Gather the Jews calendar! The yontiff ends on Wednesday.


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