Taking a Bow Out of the 2013 Washington Jewish Music Festival :(

Sadly, the closest Captain Jack and I’ll get to the 2013 DCJCC Washington Jewish Music Festival 😦 / photo by Rachel Mauro

It is with a heavy heart in the middle of two weeks of constant assignments that I inform you that I will not be able to make it to the 2013 DCJCC Washington Jewish Music Festival this year. 😦 There were a lot of really enticing choices this year, often falling during one of my evening classes, and with the crunch time on my final grad school projects squeezing me in, I had to make a sacrifice.

It’s a shame, too, when it comes to Joshua Taylor, because I’ve actually heard of him. A friend gave me his CD a few years ago, raving about this rare mix of Judaism and gospel music. I was looking forward to seeing him in concert! But alas, at the moment I’m more looking forward to getting one of these final paper monkeys off my back as quickly as possible.

But if you haven’t yet been to the Music Fest, and have no pressing plans tonight, I urge you to go to this one. Don’t miss out on one of the seminal local Jewish events of the year! I’ll be sure to be back next year.

And remember: keep voting for Sixth & I through May 10!

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