Democalypse 5773: Back to the DCJCC to Herald in the Presidency

Crowds gather for politics and nosh at the DCJCC Election Night Party /photo taken by Rachel Mauro

I’m taking my title cues from Jon Stewart skits, same as I did in 2008 when, again, I joined members of the tribe at the Washington, DC Jewish Community Center to nosh and watch election returns. I’m realizing how long I’ve lived in this area!

Due to crazy scheduling (I even had to vote early, or risk not voting at all,) I only got to the Tuesday evening event around 10 pm. Returns blared at two media centers at opposite corners of the room—CNN and NBC—and NBC’s online coverage of Maryland’s state questions projected on the far wall. Occasional cheers every time a certain candidate won a state hinted at the political leanings of the majority of the crowd, but overall everyone was politely watching and schmoozing together. A great community atmosphere for this national event.

Trivia and geo-political puzzles dot the entertainment table at the DCJCC /photo taken by Rachel Mauro

Alas, I arrived yet again too late for the pizza, but I got to partake in a variety of chips, veggies, candies, soda and beer for those over age. The decorations were patriotic and festive, and although I missed the funny Biden puns from 2008 I appreciated the side table of patriotic games, even though everyone seemed engrossed in other activities. I left around 11, shortly before the election was called.

Price of admission was the best yet for a local Jewish event—a food donation for the upcoming Thanksgiving event, Everything But The Turkey. And like 92% or so of the District voted for Obama in the race, I was amused to note that 92% of attendees here donated Cheerios. 😛

All joking aside and regardless of politics, I look forward to coming together with the community to make the country great. Go team USA!