New side layout on JewishDC!

Screencap of my twitter list local Jewish organizations

Happy end of July! The first weekend in August marks my sister’s wedding, and as my family takes steps to transition into a new phase, I thought I might take similar ones with this blog.

Since starting my second graduate school degree I’ve had to juggle some priorities, and my time here has lessened. I remain dedicated to attending and chronicling Jewish events around town when I can—for my own enjoyment as well as publicizing the community!

With such a great, group effort site like GatherTheJews, however, my own Upcoming Events posts seemed obsolete. Instead, I decided to put my own twist on things. My sidebar of organizational links has long been a strange hodpge-podge, so I decided to streamline places into several categories—Hillels, JCCs, Museums, Publications, Social Organizations and Synagogues. I’ve also been able to import my Twitter list of local Jewish orgs so you can see what’s happening in real time. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support java widgets and Twitter is a bit wonky with RSS feeds, but click on “Tweets from the Community” to get to the actual newsfeed (screencap above.)

And if you would like me to include any other Jewish organizations from the Greater Washington area to my links list or twitter feed, please get in touch with me by using the means outlined on my re-edited About the Blogger page.

Hope everyone commemorating had a meaningful Tisha B’av.