Freelancing at “Moment” Magazine

"Moment" magazine offices in downtown Washington, DC / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

Every two months for over a year now, I’ve been fortunate enough to be called up to help the staff of DC-based “Moment” magazine fact check it’s publication. I partake in a great deal of Jewish activities throughout the area, but this might be my richest experience.

Founded by Elie Weisel and Leonard Fein in 1975, “Moment” has turned into the largest independent magazine in North America, covering more topics related to Judaism than I’d ever dream of. I’m always excited to sit down with a print out and learn something about Jews on Capitol Hill, Jews in remote corners of the world or Jews in baseball. Beyond these profiles and in depth feature stories, “Moment” poses questions of Jewish interest to scholars, rabbis of every denomination, and the regular Joe; includes book reviews, recipes and “The Jewish Word”; hosts contests from captioning cartoons to writing Jewish-themed fiction; and much more! I always find myself exhausted yet sated every time my week of reading, fact checking and learning is up.

Sitting in my journalism grad school program five years ago, I always imagined a “utopia” of news writing—where the stories were layered, deep, fascinating, informative, and challenged the reader’s ideas of the world. Nothing comes closer to this ideal than magazine writing, and “Moment” is very much the cream of the crop, not just due to the reporters, columnists and other writers, but also the tireless editors who work for hours on end, long into the night during deadline week. I seem to share everything with these folks during this time—from late-night snacking to experiencing the Virginia earthquake of 2011! 😛 It’s really the best kind of workplace—fun and dedicated people; a meaningful connection to Judaism.

If you haven’t subscribed to “Moment” yet, then what are you waiting for? The next issue, for Sept/Oct 2011, will be out on newsstands soon. I’ve read my “advanced copy,” and I promise you don’t want to miss it!

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