Jewnity DC Brings Vibrancy to the Summer

Graphic courtesy of

Summers in DC can be pretty slow for the Jewish community. Increased vacation time and a lack of major religious holidays thin out the crowds and the community offerings. So what intrigued me most about Jewnity DC 2011, tomorrow night’s big bash sponsored by 18 local organizations, is that it reminded me of the annual Hanukkah Happy Hour on the Hill,another party scene offered annually during one of the most popular times of the Jewish year.

Jewnity DC might come without the dreidels and latkes, but it’s still about showcasing the local Jewish community. Held tomorrow at 5 pm at Public Bar, it is an alcohol-serving, over-21 event. It also features local artists and socialization, the usual hallmarks of the vibrant, young professional scene.

So if you’re still in town and want to escape the heat, this may be something to check out! Find out more on Facebook, including mini bios of the sponsors.


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