Celebrate Shavuot 5771 in DC!

Graphic courtesy of Phillip Martin Bible Clip Art

Graphic courtesy of Phillip Martin Bible Clip Art

Prepare to get your Torah on! Wednesday is Shavuot, the celebration of when Moses brought Gd’s laws down from Mount Sinai after 50 days of wandering through the dessert. You may recall that Passover celebrates our exodus from Egyptian slavery, and Counting the Omer is symbolic of the Israelites’ journey to the Mount.

Check out some ways to get involved with local Jewish learning in preparation this special holiday.

Tuesday, June 7

The Ten: An Alternate Shavuot Experience
6:45 pm
Birthright Israel and Sixth & I team up to bring you The Ten, featuring a night of alternative ways to connect to the Jewish faith. Hear from Nathan Englander, The New Yorker’s-acclaimed writer, listen to the indie rock sounds of DeLeon, discuss texts ‘til midnight and more!

Tikkun Leil Shavuot
8 pm
Jews United for Justice host their usual Shabbat service, followed by all-night text study. The evening will focus on Torah, food and sustainable communities.


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