It’s that time of year again…Jewish American Heritage Month!

Photo courtesy of wikipedia.

Emma Lazarus, Jewish American who wrote the inscription below the Statue of Liberty / Photo courtesy of wikipedia.

Earlier this week, U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) issued her annual press release about this important, cultural event:

“It is a great sense of personal pride that the first legislation I filed that was passed by Congress back in 2006 was a resolution that created Jewish American Heritage Month, or JAHM. This special month seeks to create awareness of the contributions that Jewish Americans have made to our country and its history. From sports, to academia, to the arts, to politics, Jewish men and women brought their mettle, creativity, and fresh ideas to the table. No matter what your background, we can all learn a great deal from the inspiring American Jews who came before us.”

Read the rest of her statement, plus President Obama’s official declaration, here.

And check out The Library of Congress JAHM page for lectures, exhibits, events and more happening on Capitol Hill!

Meanwhile, the local Jewish community is celebrating as well. The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington’s latest newsletter is filled with programs this month celebrating Jewish American history and achievements. Here’s a quick 411 on what’s coming up:

May 17: A lecture on the Ten Commandments and their place in America, co-sponsored with the Foundation for Jewish Studies
May 18: An illustrated lecture on Jewish life in Mr. Lincoln’s City

May 25: A dinner and lecture on Jewish holiday cooking traditions, in conjunction with the National Archives

May 30: A reception honoring JHSGW’s Lincoln exhibit on display at the John A. Wilson Building, co-sponsored with the Jewish Community Relations Council

Whether near or far, Jew or non-Jew, I hope you take a moment to celebrate this small but mighty ethnic group’s contributions to American life.

(2009 coverage)
(2010 coverage)
(photo is of Emma Lazarus, Jewish American poet whose work appears at the base of the Statue of Liberty)

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