Jew from DC Nominated for an Oscar!

Jews receiving accolades for their successes in the movie business is nothing new. Frankly, I’m thrilled to see Natalie Portman (“Black Swan”) and Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network”) up for best actor.

But Debra Granik, director of best film-nominated “Winter’s Bone,” bears the local honor of having grown up in the Washington, DC area (Silver Spring and Bethesda, according to this).

“Winter’s Bone” isn’t exactly the type of film you’d expect an urban Jew to make. 😛 Set in the Ozarks, a highly rural woods in Missouri, the story follows a teenage child as she tries to take care of her siblings and locate her wayward father in the wilderness. However, Granik does see some similarities between her own heritage and that of protagonist Ree—namely that they are both outsiders, and the young girl, like Granik’s great-grandmother from a Lithuanian shtetl, have to survive in a harsh world. Click here for a more detailed interview with this director.

The Oscars are airing this Sunday on ABC at 8 pm EST, with James Franco, another tribesmember, hosting. In the meantime, check out this trailer of “Winter’s Bone” and happy movie viewing!

Educational footnote: Although Jews in the Ozarks number likely few to none, the state of Missouri is home to a decent population- including my own mother, who was born in Kansas City. 😛 Click here for more info!


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