Sign up for a DCJCC Shabbat Cluster Before Feb. 10!

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Interested in meeting young professionals in an intimate, religious setting? DCJCC’s Shabbat Clusters, which twice a year assign cohorts together to meet for Shabbat, is closing spring registration this Thursday.


Shabbat Clusters provides a way both to reach out to your peers and bring Judaism out of the synagogue or community center and into your own home. Clusters, usually based on location though accommodations can be made for friends, encourage participants to pass the torch from one another and host one Shabbat dinner a month in someone’s house or apartment. It’s a way of blending traditionalism with the modern day!

Clusters can be hit or miss. I tried one a couple of years ago and unfortunately we did not last longer than our first Shabbat. But other Clusters have been wildly successful, and have even resulted in friendships that last beyond the six month period. Like riding a bike, maybe it’s something to get up and try again! 😛

DCJCC will email you with your assigned Cluster after you fill out the registration sheet with pertinent info like age, religious and location preferences. The first Shabbat experience will be on March 4.


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