Local synagogue vandalized- community comes together

Antisemitism reared it’s ugly head on Monday morning as B’nai Shalom congregation in Olney was found painted with hateful graffiti, The Washington Jewish Week reported.

With such touches as swastikas, Nazi slogans in both English and German, and coins scattered along the ground, possibly a reference to the money-grubbing Jews stereotype, the shul’s president believes this assault to be more high up than the work of rebellious teenagers.

Two other houses in the neighborhood were also vandalized, and officials now believe that the number “1488” that appeared among the graffiti is a reference to a white supremacist group, according to The Gazette. People with any information about this crime are encouraged to call the Investigative Services Division at 240-773-5500.

Meanwhile, B’nai Shalom has erected a commemoration page on it’s own website. This moving testament features photos of the hate-graffiti and the clean up, various news coverage, and notes of support from the community. To donate to the synagogue for repairs and extra security, click here.


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