Chillax with Happy Hour and your Local Jewish Magazine!

Leah kitty peruses the latest issue of Moment Magazine / photo taken by Rachel Mauro.

Care to escape the heat for drinks and summer fun? Try Moment’s happy hour from 5:30 to 11:30 pm at One Lounge! Featuring socialization, prizes, and a revered magazine on Jewish culture.

I’d be going to Moment’s first happy hour myself, but unfortunately I’ve come down with a cold. Full disclosure: I am now volunteering at Moment and helping them with a digital archiving project for their 35th anniversary. I’ve gotten to sift through magazines dating back to 1975, proving that Moment, which was started by Elie Weisel and Leonard Fein, has always had its pulse on Jewish culture and education.

Moment includes columns, features and other content delving into all aspects of Jewish life, including conversion and intermarriage, women and gay issues, Jewish advocacy in the Diaspora and Israel, and my personal favorite, profiles of Jewish communities abroad.

The latest issue, which came out a few weeks ago, features articles covering such topics as: gender segregation on some Israeli busses, profiles of the Borscht Belt and other Jewish entertainment staples, an Ask the Rabbis section on asking questions, poetry and book reviews, a profile of the Jewish community in Myanmar, and more. Really a detailed and thoughtful look at the spectrum of the Jewish world!

For more information on Moment, click here.


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