DC Birthright Tweeters!

Image courtesy of wikipedia

J-Fed’s Birthright Israel busses 248, 249, and the Alumni Leadership Mission, are all in Israel as I type, and I can prove it by following their live blogging and tweeting.

…can I just backtrack to say that I think I remember, back in summer of 2004, Hillel posting our itinerary online for our parents to follow, and this being the height of technology. Now I can log onto twitter randomly and pull up pictures of Masada or the Kotel taken just 15 minutes ago.

Random participants, doubtless equipped with awesome smart phones (I didn’t even have a digital camera with me!) are being re-tweeted on NextGen’s @JFGW_NextGen and Birthright Israel’s @NEXT_DC. You can also follow the blogs, complete with participant posts: Bus248, Bus 249, and the Alumni Leadership Mission.

You can even find videos posted in real time! Check out J-Fed’s YouTube page, conveniently named (a tee-hee) JewishDC. Enjoy! Am Yisrael Chai!

(More on the DC Birthright trips here.)


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