Pickle Eating Joins Sixth & I Trivia Contest

The stage is set for Sixth & I's third annual pickle eating contest / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

The Sixth & I Trivia Contest, co-sponsored in part with B’nai B’rith, has become a regular, highly popular monthly attraction in Chinatown, but every now and then, they add a special twist. This Thursday, that attraction was the synagogue’s third annual pickle eating contest, held between rounds one and two of trivia.

Twelve contestants, including two “walk-ins” sat down in the main sanctuary to gorge themselves on this favorite Jewish treat. The rules were simple—whoever consumed the most of the three pounds of pickles before them at the end of five minutes would be declared the winner and would get his/her name placed on the official pickle eating placard.

Amidst the rancorous cheers of the audience cheering on their friends from the pews, this event was as exciting as any county fair food eating contest. After the five minutes were up, contestants were offered water and bins for up-chucking, though only one person seemed to have trouble in that regard, spitting out bits of pickle to the renewed screams of the crowd.

By the way, contestant Justin took the gold, with only 14 ounces of pickle remaining. You can see him here, in this Sixth & I video, in the blue shirt as the camera pans left. Also, watch the action up close and personal. You may never eat another pickle again. 😛


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