Cruising DC on Purim for the religious action!

Chag Sameach/Happy Holidays! The festive holiday of Purim just ended. Sure, it’s famed for the old Jewish adage “they tried to kill us; they didn’t succeed; let’s eat,” but Purim itself is a very silly holiday, arguably the silliest of Jewish holidays, where religious leaders dress up in costume and lead services to popular theme songs, where performers mock Bible stories (really, the story of Esther) right in front of the congregation, and everyone is encouraged to drink until they can’t tell the difference between “blessed is Mordecai [good guy]” and “cursed is Haman [bad guy]” (accompanied by groggers and loud booooos!)

And have I mentioned the hamentaschen? 😛

But here’s a real Purim gift for all of you—a slideshow of four Purim parties! Featuring JSC’s famed Latke/Hamentaschen Debate, YP@AI’s Wine & Cheesentaschen, Sixth & I and DC Minyan’s Purim Unplugged, and finally, GLOE’s Purim Masquerade.

While you gentiles were going through an ordinary day, come see what the DC Jews were up to. 😉 Enjoy!

Click here for the slideshow!


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