Near and far at your local JCCs!

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I was heading home last night (to watch a Netflix-arrived Bollywood film no less,) when I got wind of this by DCJCC! Starting Thursday, March 4, the J will include in their dance lessons a four-week Bollywood style class as taught by Palak Sheth from Dhoonya Dance. I was mightily intrigued—I’m not an expert, but I know enough to understand that most classical Indian dancing has nothing to do with Bollywood. I’m more excited, however, by the prospect of what it means to be connected to a Jewish center in the 21st century! Though still deeply connected to our own roots, we now have the opportunity to branch out and try new things with fellow Jews. 😀 I hope you check it out!

Meanwhile, at our other area JCC, JCC of GW, sign up for childhood prep classes with a Jewish twist, starting Feb. 22. Learn about the religious rituals that come with welcoming a new baby and making a Jewish home! Lots of other great classes geared for families with small children can be found on that page as well. I am not a mother, but considering I might like to be one day, it’s heartening to know that there are so many nearby options available for fostering a lifelong Jewish community.


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