The environment once again makes its way to Sixth & I

Tu B'Shevat seder, consisting of several fruits, wine glasses and environmental handouts / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

Yoga, tote bag decorating and singing song adorned Sixth & I’s second Tu B’Shevat seder, officiated by New York’s Canfei Nesharim and co-sponsored with The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and DC’s Birthright Israel Next.

The seder, fashioned after Passover celebrations and Kabbalistic teachings, attracted a full house of young professionals Thursday night (note: Tu B’Shevat falls on Saturday this year.) We munched on fruit (those with hard shells, those with pits, and those with neither,) while reading traditional Jewish texts and discussing issues of environmental sustainability. Several participants were handed readings—including me! I read a verse from Psalms before we ate our third fruit. 😛

Jewish environmentalism is on the rise. Also present at the seder were members of Green Zionists and JNF, on the lookout for participants for their annual Tu B’Shevat tree-planting season in Israel. Let’s not forget—Tu B’Shevat is originally the new year for the trees!

But for more information on perhaps newer holiday roots of ecological renewal, click here.


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