Benji Lovitt of performs for Reverse Mifgash

Benji Lovitt of performs at Midtown / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

I had an epiphany this weekend that I had officially entered the new era of celebrity, as I decided to go to the Benji Lovitt comedy show on Thursday evening because I knew him from his award-winning blog,

(Geeky sidenote—not only that, but I also kicked off the evening with fellow blogger/Lovitt lover Vicki Boykis as we are both involved in the insane online-spawned initiative of NaNoWriMo. 😀 I think I may’ve hit my 2.0 quota for the day, hee.)

An American-born Israeli immigrant, Lovitt is known for exploiting the lighter side of Israeli life in his act and on his blog and, my most favorite, in his YouTube shorts. He performed to a packed audience at Midtown, touching both on the absurdity of Israeli and American life as well as the ever-hilarious language barrier.

Reverse Mifgash week is a continuation of last year’s program where The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington and Birthright Israel NEXT sponsors several Israelis to come to DC and experience American Jewish culture. Check out my coverage of last year’s weekend retreat here!

Lovitt will be Stateside through November 15 as he performs at more venues. For more information on this awesome, funny guy, click here.

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