Judaism: more than a religion or a culture—now a career!

Graphic courtesy of InternetClipart.com

Graphic courtesy of InternetClipart.com

As an editorial assistant at a Jewish non-profit, I shouldn’t be surprised by this. 😛 But more than just an option, the professional Jewish world is stepping up it’s recruitment of young adults, and is taking stock of those who identify as professional Jews.

The Insight Fellowship, launched in 2008 to offer twenty-somethings the chance to intern at various Jewish non-profits in New York City and Washington, DC, is reportedly stepping up it’s program. The reason? Because it’s working thus far!

From the press release:

“Our research demonstrates that investment in professional development for younger-generation professionals significantly enhances their effectiveness, interest in and commitment to working in the Jewish community,” said Yonatan Gordis, executive director of CLI. “Focusing the Insight program in local communities will allow us to reach many more young people and to broaden and deepen our impact.”

The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, a major backer of Insight, is also supporting this survey on Jewish communal professionals. The questions run the gamut from work benefits to religious affiliation and the sponsors, The Jewish Communal Association and The Berman Jewish Policy Archive encourage everyone working at Jewish organizations to partake.

Dr. Misha Galperin, executive vice president and CEO of The Washington, DC Jewish Federation, is acting as committee chair to the survey.

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