Confronting the Power of Forgiveness in time for Yom Kippur

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High Holidays are mere days away; are you prepared? I decided to do my part in heralding in the spirit of the season—by joining a packed house at Sixth & I to hear Dr. Erica Brown, scholar-in-residence at J-Fed, speak about The BIG Sorry Tuesday evening.

Despite the title of the class, most of the textual readings and discussion centered around the ability to forgive others for wrongdoing. We went back to the story of Cain, where Rabbi Hanina ben Isaac interpreted his opinion of his exile as joyous, as Gd forgave him. We skipped forward in time, talking about modern atrocities and pondering the emotional toll of not giving people a second chance, and believing that they can change.

The discussion became a little heated; given the nature of the topic, it’s not too surprising. But I came out of the experience feeling a little invigorated about how I view my personal scruples, and how best to move forward in the future. Productive night! 😛

For more PJLL learning activities, click here. L’shana tova to everyone!


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