New community service group for Jews finds its way to Washington, DC

Graphic courtesy of

Graphic courtesy of

Looking for a new way to bolster your community service around town? JCorps, an organization designed for Jewish volunteering, has just started a chapter in DC! It’s mission is to bring young Jewish adults of all denominations in the name of service.

Started in New York, JCorps has moved to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles and London as well. 170 schools are affiliated as well, according to the website. Volunteer opportunities are vast, ranging from hunger relief to environmental projects.

Join their events list through the website, or check out their Facebook page for more info.

In a different kind of service, Sixth & I has tweeted and Facebook-messaged to urge its fans to vote for Shelton Zuckerman as our Jewish Community Hero. Put together by UJC, umbrella to North American Jewish Federations, this contest features voting for local heroes who’ve helped keep Judaism alive. Mr. Zuckerman, you should remember, purchased Sixth & I when it was about to be turned into a night club, and helped pave the way for it’s revitalization as a thriving DC center for Jewish life.

…but not only can you vote for heroes, you can also nominate them! Check this site out! This contest goes ’til October 8.


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