Movies with Meaning playing tomorrow in Jewish DC

Graphic courtesy of Webweavers

Graphic courtesy of Webweavers

These aren’t the sort of flicks where you can just veg out in front of the tv and turn off the brain for awhile. No, tomorrow’s movie offerings, at the DCJCC and Sixth & I respectively, feature lectures with experts and some hopefully good food. 😀 Check them out!

Yoo-Hoo Mrs. Goldberg

Ever wonder where the family sitcom came from? This film chronicles the actress, Gertrude Berg, and her character, Mrs. Goldberg. Panelists include director Aviva Kempner, Mrs. Berg’s granddaughter, Anne Schwartz, NPR correspondent Susan Stamberg, and CBS tv anchor Andrea Roane.

Encounter Point

A group of Israelis and Palestinians, all bearing personal wounds from the decades-old conflict, join together to create a movement for peace. Local Jewish and Muslim leaders will lead a discussion afterwards.

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