Art Exhibits at Your Local JCCs

Graphic courtesy of

Graphic courtesy of

So Passover’s over; time to put away your matzah (if you choose) and leaven your bread once again. The community’s been kind of quiet as we sat around familial seders, recounting our freedom from bondage. It’s been awhile since I’ve personally been out on the town, and part of me thinks I’d like to start with something more simple and less interactive than joining a concert or a class. So for our mutual benefit, I include below a list of the exhibition showings at our local Jewish Community Centers—JCC of GW, JCC of NV and DCJCC. Enjoy!


The Goldman Art Gallery

Ary Stillman Exhibit
Russian-American painter’s Impressionism to Abstract Impressionism.

A Lifetime of Perspective
Seniors exhibit their work in this annual exhibition.

Treasures from my Attic
Annual art show and sale of donated paintings, prints, sculpture, etc.

The Bodzin Art Gallery

Picture It—A Birthright Israel Experience in Photos
36 photographs from this program aimed towards bringing young adults to Israel on free 10-day trips.

The Bronfman Gallery

Real Machers: Pat Hamou’s Portraits of American Jewish Gangsters
Pen and ink drawings by Pat Hamou. Read Washington Jewish Week coverage here.


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