The Economy For Young Professionals Is Looking Up!

Graphic courtesy of

Graphic courtesy of

Isn’t that a great line to hear on a Tuesday night amidst all of this recession? 😛

This was the general consensus at a B’nai B’rith (my work)-sponsored lecture at the Romanian Embassy this evening: The Global Economy and the Young Professional.

Jon Heisler, of Bernstein Global Wealth Management, briefed us on the current ups and downs of the money situation, as well as general projections for the near future (bottom line: it’s gonna get better. :D) He had a great slideshow with bright visuals and a little “test” on making investment decisions. (The stock market, we learned, should be a long-term investment, and one should not make hasty decisions with one’s funds, based on the day-to-day realities.)

The audience seemed very enthusiastic, and far more learned on the subject of finances than I am. 😛 It was a fun time.

Ambassador Adrian Vierita spoke briefly to us before the presentation, touching on Romania’s relationship with the U.S. and Israel. The embassy was just beautiful, lush and inviting, and there were finger foods to nibble on as well. Yum.

To learn more about B’nai B’rith’s young leadership group, check them out on Facebook here!


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