Exploring different “routes” to being Jewish

Routes participants shmooze between learning sessions / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

Routes participants shmooze between learning sessions / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

There’s no possible way that the entirety of Judaism can be contained in one day, but the Partnership of Jewish Life and Learning’s program: Routes: Exploring Jewish Together did a pretty good job of covering the highlights.

Hundreds of DC-area Jewish adults gathered at GWU’s Marvin Center on Sunday for seven hours of lectures, discussions, film, dance and more on ways to live Jewishly. Was a fascinating way to spend a cold and rainy day!

I tried to diversify my lecture selections—I started with a panel on intermarriage at noon, then went to a discussion on Moses and the idea of “ger,” being stranger/other, fast-forwarded a few thousand years to Israel and Hamas, made way for discussion about the meaning of Gd, prayer and ritual, and finally ended on the active note of Israeli dance.

But these were just a smattering of the programs available, including Kaballah, parenting, the Holocaust and more—with dozens of local and national Jewish educators presiding. My biggest complaint might be the impossibility of attending them all!

There were also yummy kosher bagels downstairs for our enjoyment. I was hungry. 😛

The Routes program was a great way to bring lots of new people into the fold for a taste of Jewish life, but PJLL actually has a diversity of more long-term adult learning programs. Check them out here! We are indeed fortunate to live in an area with the resources to prove that cultural education can be a lifelong pursuit.

Check out the “Routes” Facebook page here!

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