Age-old question is pondered in the Latke-Hamentaschen Debate

Picture courtesy of wikipedia

Picture courtesy of wikipedia

…okay, so maybe it’s not that old. The Latke-Hamentaschen Debate was started sixty-three years ago at the University of Chicago by some (supposedly) bored Jewish students and faculty. 😛 Since then, it has gained popularity both in the U.S. and abroad, and here in DC, it comes under the purview of the Jewish Study Center. Hosted by Adas Israel, at least this year.

I went in rooting for the hamentaschen (my personal motto being sweet over salty) but I gotta say, the latkes won if it was a comedic competition (and it definitely was.) “Arguments” included music, power point presentations, and comparing foods to conquistadoring, the stimulus package, Jewish continuity and Apple products.

Picture courtesy of wikipedia

Picture courtesy of wikipedia

Larry Rothenberg, Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice and Rabbi Jack Moline of Agudas Achim spoke in favor of the latkes, Joshua Bender, Director of Education at Adas Israel and David J. Smolar of In Between Things Productions were for hamentaschen, and then Scott Berg of the Washington Decision Support Group threw in the curve ball for matzah (ball soup.)

The event was moderated by Mara Liasson of NPR fame, and of course, included “taste tests” of each food group (matzah ball soup excluded) afterwards.

Pictures are forthcoming in a Purim post next week! Also, stay tuned for a Sixth & I surprise!


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