Halloween Fun and Do You Believe In Magic?

This delectable spread magically disappeared by the end of our discussion / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

This delectable spread magically disappeared by the end of our discussion / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

In my quest to find a Jewish way to spend Halloween (other than the obvious, of course—observing Shabbat,) I was most enthused to try my hand at Sixth & I’s latest dialogue program Thursday night. Co-sponsored with the newest tribe magazine, Guilt & Pleasure, and local Heeb hangout, Moishe House DC, this event brought GWU professor, Gayle Wald, to a group of young professionals for a moderated discussion on magic, superstition, and spirituality.

Due to the intimate roundtable setting, I didn’t go about snapping my camera, but here’s a pic of the food. For an event where we were just promised “wine and cheese,” there were four cheeses, Israeli wine, Twizzlers, hot cocoa, cupcakes, donut holes and more. Complimentary copies of Guilt and Pleasure were available for our perusal as well. I was certainly impressed; huggles to you all!

The two-hour conversation was lively and engaging. Though participants didn’t linger on the issue of magic for that long, we touched on various intellectual pursuits—including physics, anthropology and philosophy. We talked about “old country” superstitions, controversial rituals like circumcision, the place of God in Judaism, and the labeling of “fringe” societies as witches or that ilk. Hopefully all little girls dressed up in black will get extra candies from these folks tomorrow. 😛

But beyond my glibness, I must give my kudos to a fascinating discussion conducted by my own peers. I am always grateful to Sxith & I for providing such a pluralistic environment where young Jewish professionals can show our true passion and brainpower.

In other news of applauding this organization, InterfaithFamily.com has just re-published Washington Jewish Week’s article on the synagogue opening its doors to a multicultural and multiracial congregation. It’s always so heartwarming to read of Jews finding a spiritual home!  Check out the Jewish Multiracial Network for more on this underrepresented sub-group within our culture.

For those of you celebrating, happy Halloween, and to all of you, Shabbat Shalom!


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