Local Book Publication: Inspired Jewish Leadership

Graphic courtesy of Jewish Lights Publishing

Graphic courtesy of Jewish Lights Publishing

OK, so I’ve been a bad girl, and not made it to the Jewish Lit Festival yet this season (though I’m on my way to buying some tix. :D) But while we’re on the subject of books…

…allow me to pimp this one; Inspired Jewish Leadership: Practical Approaches to Building Strong Communities, just published by PJLL director of adult education and J-Fed scholar in residence, Dr. Erica Brown.

Before I get to my own thoughts, here’s a quote from the introduction…

“Great Jewish leadership has helped us survive slavery, guided us to the Promised Land, given us hope through exile and oppression, helped us enjoy membership in a nation of overachievers, and given birth to the State of Israel. Great Jewish leadership generates vision and, as a result, followers. It inspires us and helps us to stretch higher, see farther, and reach deeper.”

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a handful of Dr. Brown’s lectures, and I’ve always left them feeling both impressed and connected to the subject at hand. She has a way of encouraging casual dialogue about Bible stories, Jewish history, whatever, and even if you’re not relatively well-versed, you don’t sit there feeling dumb. Her lessons weave into life’s meaning in the here and now, not just stuffy rabbinic rhetoric, and they certainly play into the idea of Jewish community. Which is what, after all, Jewish leadership strives for.

Dr. Brown will be lecturing in several locations around the D.C. area for the next several months. In particular, allow me to point out the NeXus program, which is aimed towards connecting young professionals with the local Jewish community. The six classes range from the personal journey to Israel and beyond, and take place, one per month, from October to March. Space is limited, so sign up now!

Inspired Jewish Leadership can also be purchased through Barnes and Noble, amazon.com, and hopefully many more venues as well!

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