JSC Kicks off with Rosh Ha-Semester

New executive director of the Jewish Study Center Beth Adler / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

New executive director of the Jewish Study Center Beth Adler / photo taken by Rachel Mauro

Following through with this post, I spent my Tuesday evening at Sixth & I where I got to meet and greet with The Jewish Study Center’s new executive director, Beth Adler!

Other people in attendance included outgoing director, Rachel Miller, JSC’s new president, Paul Bardack, and freshman to the Sixth & I team, Sonia Rosen. She brought her little son, Eli, who of course dazzled the rest of us. 😛 Him, and the Entenmann’s cakes, of course!

The Rosh Ha-Semester setting, though a small gathering, was a great chance to get to talk to people more intimately. I myself carried out a handful of in depth conversations, which is less possible at bigger events.

It certainly got me in the mood to dabble in the rest of JSC’s programming this semester! They’re starting with some High Holiday themed classes in the upcoming weeks, then moving to cooking, book lectures, writing, and more! Click here for more info. (pdf file) Prices vary depending on whether you’re a JSC member, or you pay early. At least one of those makes sense for everyone. 😛 Their facebook page is located here.

In related news, thanks to a little timing confusion, I did not make it to the JProDC wine and cheese reception at the DCJCC earlier Tuesday evening. 😦 I was disappointed, but hope that everyone else had a great time!

And as a reminder- anyone who is affiliated with JProDC can get tickets at discount price to see Theater J’s new show, Without You, I’m Nothing. Yay! There’s still a silver lining after all!


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