The Jewish Study Center heralds in a new executive director

Courtesy of Pastiche Family Portal

Courtesy of Pastiche Family Portal

The new school year is just beginning and D.C. organization, The Jewish Study Center, has more than re-vamped classes to offer. Four-year Executive Director Rachel Miller is on her way out, and a few days ago, Beth Adler, her replacement, got in touch with the group via email.

“I have always felt that it is not coincidental that the Jewish New Year and the school new year fall so close together,” wrote Beth, who has been involved in Jewish education for the past 15 years. “Although most people see spring as the time of rebirth, having worked in education for so long, autumn is the time of auspicious beginnings for me. So these new beginnings, both the personal and the communal are sure to be blessed.”

Rachel also got in touch through email, promising everyone that she’d remain active in JSC as a student.

The Jewish Study Center was one of the main reasons I decided to start this blog. After attending some of their great lessons on cooking and Yiddish literature and etc., I knew it would be a shame to let my thoughts and newly acquired knowledge just gather dust in my head. The org’s been relatively quiet this summer as they took a break and looked for new staff, but now you can find their fall programming here. (pdf file) You’ll be sure to catch me at the Rosh Ha-Semester Kick-off event where Beth will be on hand to introduce herself!

For more information on JSC, email Beth at or join the Facebook group here.


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