D.C. High Holiday Tickets 5769

Courtesy of Crystal Cloud Graphics

Courtesy of Crystal Cloud Graphics

Need tickets for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur this year, but aren’t affiliated with a synagogue? Area organizations out there can help you—and even offer discount tickets if you’re under the age of 35!

Vicki Sitron, director of the DCJCC’s young professional group, GesherCity, has organized a list of discounted tickets here. Though Rosh Hashanah is still over a month away, you better hurry before these things are sold out!

One condition—you have to be a member of GesherCity to be eligible. GesherCity provides a variety of social events, both at the DCJCC and in smaller member-organized “clusters” of specific activities. Each week, Vicki sends out an email so you can see what’s coming up. Join by clicking here!

For those of you over 35, The Jewish Information Referral Service (JIRS) provides a list of area synagogues giving tickets to non-members. You can request that list by emailing jirs@shalomdc.org.


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